Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.

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  • Home page for the SimmerDown Online anger management program, with a general introduction to the course.
  • Resources of the flash presentation program, with demonstrations of how to change the appearance of the program, download materials, and begin the multimedia instruction modules.
  • General introduction to the SimmerDown Online anger management program, with a discussion of emotional conditioning.
  • Introduction to the SimmerDown anger management program, with a description of the anger record, and the relationship between anger and discomfort. A description of the Mad Science approach to anger work.
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  • This unit presents the Rage Robot, which represents a common view that my anger is caused by what others do. This is contrasted to a human view of anger, which interprets anger as a choice.
  • Session focuses on enduring discomfort, one of the keys to working with anger.
  • This session is focused on physical relaxation, which is very effective at reducing the likelihood of an angry response.
  • Anger can be addictive--specifically, an addiction to power. This session covers five types of this addiction.
  • On this page, there is a discussion about how to determine which vicious circles are strongest with you.
  • Inflammatory thoughts are commonly a central part of the angering process. This session discusses ten types of thought that can inflame anger.
  • This session discusses the importance of developing cooling, extinguishing thoughts to help us endure situations that would typically make us angry.
  • Anger is often contagious, so any anger management program must incorporate some skills of dealing with another angry person.
  • Assertiveness is what we could call high-test anger. It is a form of angry expression that doesn't violate our values or the boundaries of others. Specific advice is given about how to script an assertive response.
  • This session discusses corporal punishment, and reviews the usual arguments that attempt to justify its use with children. We then challenge the validity of those arguments.
  • Order products from SimmerDown Online, including the Vicious Circles Manual
  • Links to related websites.
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