Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.

Session 7: Extinguishing Thoughts




   The last session focused on Inflammatory Thoughts--the kinds of thoughts that increase anger.  It is important to recognize these as they arise, but the next step involves shifting to a cooler perspective. 

  This session focuses on Extinguishing Thoughts, and provides three separate exercises to help develop these different ways of looking at events that might otherwise stimulate anger. 


            Anger Record or  Anger Record with Feelings List
  Building a Control Panel, a reading in pdf form
Extinguishing Thoughts, a sheet listing numerous examples of cooling thoughts
Endurance of Suffering, which was on the reading list previously, in session 3.  It's here again to review.
Extinguishing Thoughts Chapter
Presentation notes for Session 7
Quiz for Session 7

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Extinguishing Thoughts

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