Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.

Session 5: Vicious Circles

   Session 5 is focused on the Vicious Circles--the circles that make us vicious.  Anger can be addictive--specifically, an addiction to power.  There are six types of Vicious Circle, which are outlined in detail in the session.  The question that will arise very naturally is, how do we break out of the Vicious Circle?

   Determine which Vicious Circles are strongest with you by clicking here.


  Anger Record.  If you have difficulty generating feelings in the feelings column, we recommend that you start with the Anger Record with Feelings List
  Vicious Circles handout
Vicious Circles chapter, in pdf format
I-Rate Exam, which will help you determine which Vicious Circle you get caught in
Vicious Circles Review, a multimedia instruction module.  There is no narration for this module--simply click through the buttons on the left.
Presentation notes for Session 5
Quiz for session 5

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Vicious Circles in anger

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