Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.

Session 3: Enduring Painful Feelings 

  This session is an exploration of feelings. Anger is a feeling, but ironically it often represents a refusal to feel.  If there is some feeling that is difficult for me to endure, I will often make it into anger. This is particularly true for men, who have been programmed by human societies for thousands of years to be warriors--highly defended, able to use anger as a tool of warfare, but relatively blind to their other feelings.  

    In this session, we discuss the Emotional Control Panel and the idea that feelings are gauges that hold vital information about how we are doing.  We would rarely ignore the gauges on our cars or in our nuclear power plants, but we routinely ignore them in our lives.

 Four Feelings


           Anger Record.  If you have difficulty generating feelings in the feelings column, we recommend that you start with the Anger Record with Feelings List
Endurance of Suffering, a pdf file to read more about the concept of endurance.
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Enduring discomfort

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