Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.

Session 2: Rage Robot

 Rage Robot


 This session introduces the Rage Robot, which represents a common view that anger is caused by my "buttons" being pushed by the actions of others.  When I adopt this view, I see my freedom as very limited, because I don't have control over what others do.  In contrast to this view is the idea that anger is a choice, something that I can build or not build in response to what others do.


It is important that you continue to fill out the anger record on a daily basis.  If you are listening to the sessions but not keeping a daily anger record, that is like showing up at the gym to watch others work out.  If I just watch others lift weights, I may learn something about how other people run their exercise programs.  But I don't get

stronger, unless I get myself on the weights and machines.  Go back and read the section entitled Mad Science for specific tips on filling out the anger record, if you have not done so.  Keep it up--every day!


  Change Presentation.  This is a review of the Anger Record from last week.

Anger Record.  This will be included as a resource with every session.  If you have difficulty generating feelings in the feelings column, we recommend that you start with the Anger Record with Feelings List

  Inner and Outer Events:  a multimedia training module about what causes anger.
Emotional Robot, a reading selection elaborating on the ideas discussed here.
  Herakles, a reading selection on the legendary hero with the temper problem
  Presentation notes for Session 2
quiz for session 2

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Rage Robot

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