Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.

Session 10: Corporal Punishment and Parenting

    This is the final session of the SimmerDown Online program, and all the skills we talked about have been covered: 

  • Relaxing  
  • Enduring discomfort  
  • Asserting oneself appropriately  
  • Changing blaming thinking  
  • Hearing the needs of others  


     For this last session, let's apply all we have learned to a specific kind of situation:  parenting.  We'll discuss corporal punishment, and review the arguments that are commonly made in favor of spanking kids, to see if they hold water.

      Good luck in your future anger work!



  Anger Record or  Anger Record with Feelings List
Murray Straus website link.  Straus is one of the foremost researchers into the effectiveness and consequences of corporal punishment over the past 50 years.

World Corporal Punishment Research website link


Elizabeth Gershoff article on American Psychological Association website on the effectiveness of corporal punishment to change behavior
Presentation notes for Session 10
Quiz for Session 10

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Corporal Punishment