Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to Mad Science

     This session is a general introduction to Mad Science, the science of what makes us mad. It introduces

  • REACH, spelling out the five key skills we will work on in the SimmerDown program:  
    • Relaxing  
    • Enduring painful feelings  
    • Asserting oneself appropriately  
    • Changing blaming thinking  
    • Hearing the needs of others  
  • The idea of Mad Science, becoming a scientist about our angering process  
  • the Anger Record, a key part of Mad Science  


           The Anger Record, the key recording instrument we will use in the program.  If you have difficulty generating feelings in the feelings column, we recommend that you start with the Anger Record with Feelings List
Mad Science, a reading elaborating on the ideas we introduce here
Data, Thoughts, Feelings and Actions training module.  Click the left-hand column to hear narrations
Anger Record review training module.  Click the buttons to hear a review of the different columns of the anger record.

Presentation notes for the session

Quiz for session 1


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session one--REACH

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