Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.


Preface: Emotional Conditioning

 We are all familiar with physical conditioning.  This session is a general introduction to the SimmerDown anger management program, and focuses on the idea of emotional conditioning.  This lays the groundwork for the sessions that follow, which involve some repetitive record-keeping. This record-keeping is analogous to working on a weight machine.   You may have already viewed this presentation, because this was offered as a free sample prior to enrolling in the SimmerDown Online program.  If so, you may skip this session.   weight lifter


  Notes for Emotional Conditioning, the notes with copies of the slides for the presentation
Emotional Gym, a pdf file with further reading on the idea of emotional conditioning

     To view the introductory session, click on the image below.  There is no quiz for this session.


emotional conditioning

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