Anger Management

Learn to manage anger anywhere, in twelve instructional sessions.


    This is the content portion of the SimmerDown Online program.  We hope you are excited and ready to begin. 



 You have made an excellent choice in anger management programs, because this program has been developed over many years by Stephen Simmer, LICSW, PhD, who has worked with hundreds of people with anger problems over the past twenty years, and has led over 200 daylong training seminars for psychotherapists around the country who are seeking to expand their skills in working with anger. 

    This program consists of the following:

  • Twelve video presentations, to train you in the five core skills of working with anger  
  • Eight additional instructional modules, focused on specific skill areas  
  • Readings in pdf format, which can be read online or printed up, to accompany each flash video presentation  
  • Worksheets that aim to help you apply the training to your individual life situation  
  • A quiz for each of the video presentations, so that you can measure your comprehension of the materials  

Computer Requirements

     To play the Simmer Down Online flash videos, you must have a flash player installed on your computer.  The most common of these is Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded for free from Adobe.  

Angry man

     To open the pdf files, you will need a pdf reader.  Again, the most common of these, Adobe Acrobat Reader, can be downloaded free from Adobe.  You will also need speakers or earphones in order to hear the narrations of the presentations.   You will need a printer if you wish to print up copies of the readings and worksheets. 

Flash Presentation Program

     The flash presentation program is quite flexible, and has reading materials and worksheets you can download from within the program.  The multimedia training modules and quizzes to test your comprehension are also accessible from within the flash program.   We recommend that you get comfortable with the bells and whistles of the flash program before you start the SimmerDown Online program by watching a brief presentation about the program itself.  To start the instruction video, press here.